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mesa escort index

Caribbean Tour. Weve had gotten a never-before-offered journey waiting for you and also the LGBT+ area!


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Going 7 evenings from convenient Fort Lauderdale on stunning and fully-revolutionized celeb Millennium, were taking one deeeeeeep inside Southern Caribbean for exploring a couple of most beautiful islands globally Aruba and Curacao! Theres no way to get to these destinations in 7 nights on a regular travel. Just VACAYA takes we indeed there. And with this cruise going covering the Martin Luther master, Jr. Holiday sunday, its an excellent way for US-based tourist to maximize getaway occasion!


Sunlight and world-class luxury on Celebrity Millennium!

A grand period for dining. An enhanced cafe with numerous globally-inspired foods involving Michelin-starred chefs. The airy Metropolitan provide exquisite diet plan alternatives, which change nightly.

Taste inside the highest ranges, literally. A bar and alfresco movie theater. Superstar has created a tasteful area to relax and capture a flick within the stars with themed cocktails and food.

Through the days, communicate with additional friends underneath the cozy Caribbean sunrays. During the night, prepare for probably the most enjoyable and helpful person actually at ocean. Were rewriting the playbook with a variety of music we know youll absolutely love.

From all-star LGBT+ celebration to Broadway-style production concerts, VACAYA era and nights cry your in this advanced show. Weve acquired your dealt with with the personal unique pleasure having multiple all-time beloved encounters!

Feel the profound pleasures of your magnificent day spa with looks traditions, scrubs, and massage therapy; rejuvenating and anti-aging facials; enlightening seminars; and workout course that will leave you feeling superb.

Exclusive songs setting with dazzling seashore perspectives. The optimal daytime location to look around water with a cocktail available. In the evening, space will come active with VACAYA enjoyment.